EnergySolutions is to assist Toshiba (TYO: 6502) in the cleanup of the large volume of contaminated water at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.

Toshiba is managing the water treatment effort on behalf of plant owner TEPCO. This is a long-term initiative, which is not scheduled to end until 2012, according to a recent decommissioning plan.

Nuclear Engineering reports that EnergySolutions will support Toshiba in the design and installation of a large treatment system that can remove over 60 radionuclides, as well as the treatment and packaging of secondary wastes resulting from the decontamination process.

The system will use EnergySolutions’ Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS™) technology. Finnish firm Fortum will supply highly selective ion exchange media (CsTreat® and SrTreat®) for use in the EnergySolutions’ system.

Mark Morant, president, global commercial group at EnergySolutions said: “The scale of the challenge at Fukushima may be new but the methods needed to deal with it in a safe manner are not and EnergySolutions is the market leader in delivering them.”

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