Taipower claims nuclear leakage does not pose a threat

Taiwan‘s nuclear power company, Taipower, says that radioactive water, which occurred due to a leak at one of its plants is not a threat.

About 20 liters of possibly radioactive water has leaked from one of the country’s three nuclear power plants over the past 3 1/2 years, according to the government ombudsman.

The ombudsman, or Control Yuan, added that water leaked from pools used to store spent fuel rods at the country’s oldest nuclear plant, a 40-year-old facility scheduled to close in 2019.

However state-owned plant operator Taiwan Power Co. said on Friday the water is air-conditioning condensate and waste from routine repairs and not from storage pools.

“In the past three years we have collected only around 20 liters of radioactive water in nuclear plant No. 1 and such an amount will not pose any threat to the public,” Taipower chief engineer and spokesman Tsai Feng-fu said. The situation is “under control.”

The Control Yuan acknowledged Taipower’s measures but said it “cannot rule out the possibility that the leakages are a result of cracks of the pools. Volume of water leakage has been rising and that should be fixed. We urge Taipower to look into the structural safety of the pools to make sure they are not polluting the environment.”

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