Switzerland votes to end nuclear power

The Swiss public has decided to scrap nuclear power opting instead for a renewable energy future.

The vote to phase out nuclear power went through after 58 per cent voted in favour of change to the country’s power mix.
Voting choice
Switzerland has five ageing nuclear power plants, which provide a third of the country’s energy needs and opponents of the phase-out had been vocal in warning that a transition to renewables would be expensive and damaging to the environment.

President of Switzerland’s Green party, Regula Rytz, hailed the vote as a “moment of historic change”.

“The Swiss population has said ‘no’ to the construction of new nuclear power plants and yes to the development of renewable energy,” she added. “The conditions have also been set whereby the economy and households will need to take responsibility for the future. It’s absolutely magnificent.”

The vote now paves the way for them to move ahead with the plan, beginning in January 2018.

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