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Swedish nuclear waste site criticised

The head of Germany’s nuclear waste committee has told a seminar that the proposed site for Sweden‘s radioactive waste is substandard.

Michael Mueller told journalists at the event of the facility at Forsmark “I have seldom seen such a disorderly and also dirty situation as there.”

Mueller is in charge of defining criteria on the basis of which the German government can decide where to build its long-term storage facilities for radioactive waste.
Nuclear waste
He said a European approach to the problem was preferable but unlikely and was as heavily critical of Finnish efforts as he was of Sweden’s.

“I can tell you, with our commission we have travelled to different countries. What I saw in Sweden, I didn’t really find this very convincing. Even less in Finland, where it seems the solution is you buy a peninsula, you start drilling and see what happens. This is nothing that would be possible in Germany.”

“The repository to be created is to be for the next one million years,” said Mueller.

“I hope we can stick to that deadline [of July 2016], but seriously I am very unsure whether there is enough trust, mutual trust, to get our work done.”

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