Survey of gas executives shows renewable investment favoured

A survey by British-based Gas Strategies Group at the European Autumn Gas Conference has found that European investors are more likely to invest funding in the development of renewable energy than any other means of power generation.

The Kyiv Post reports that 42 per cent of gas industry representatives at the conference believe that the lion’s share of investment will go to the wind power sector and 28 per cent to the solar power industry.
Renewable power
13 per cent would consider coal-fired generation as most promising, while just 11 per cent chose the gas sector, and 7 per cent nuclear power generation.

A similar survey conducted 12 months ago has seen a reversal in opinion, in terms of where investment is destined to go.

Solar power has grown from 4 per cent to 28 per cent, and the attractiveness of coal-fired generation also grew from 2 per cent to 13 per cent.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance recently reported that global investment in renewable energy development in 2012 stood at $268.7bn, with solar energy attracting $142bn in investment and the wind power sector $78.3bn.

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