Subsidies complaint could stop new nuclear reactor builds

The prospects for building of new nuclear power stations within the EU are under threat after a formal complaint about subsidies for the nuclear industry was sent to the European Commission.

The Energy and Environment website reports that if the complaint is upheld, it would make it unlikely that any new nuclear power stations will be built in the EU.

The complaint has been prepared by lawyers for the UK-based Energy Fair group, with several other environmental groups, and may be followed by legal action to reduce or remove subsidies for nuclear power.

The group calculates that, if nuclear operators were fully insured against the cost of nuclear disasters like those at Chernobyl and Fukushima, the price of nuclear electricity would rise by at least €0.14 per kWh and perhaps as much as €2.36, depending on assumptions made.

Even with the minimum increase, nuclear electricity would become quite uncompetitive since offshore wind electricity in the UK retails at around €0.14 per kWh.

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