Project services group Wood has won a contract to provide design and engineering to the Dounreay nuclear site in Scotland.

Effective immediately, it will run for up to four years, including two potential one-year extensions and has an estimated value of $3-4m.  The framework will help deliver the overarching decommissioning programme overseen by site licence company Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL).Wood wins Dounreay nuclear design and engineering contract

Wood, as prime contractor, and partners Orano, GDES and Aquila will provide services  including design; engineering validation; environmental cases: environmental restoration; seismic; construction management; commissioning support; software modelling; waste strategy documents and technical support including provision of specialist staff.

Bob MacDonald, chief executive of Specialist Technical Solutions at Wood, said: “We are playing our part in achieving the objectives jointly agreed between the industry and UK government in the Nuclear Sector Deal, including helping to reduce the cost of nuclear power across the lifecycle.”

Dounreay is a former centre of fast reactor research and development in Caithness, and is the UK’s most complex nuclear site after Sellafield.

The UK government’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has tasked DSRL with closing down the site and leaving it in a safe condition. As part of the decommissioning process, three different reactor types must be dismantled.