Stormy Europe sees new wind energy records

There was one positive aspect to recent weather conditions in Europe, with record wind energy levels achieved between Christmas and the new year.

WindEurope confirmed that a total of 2,128 GWh was recorded in Europe during the period, with daily records in Germany (925 GWh) and France (218 GWh).à‚ 

Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, wind energy delivered on average 20 per cent of Europe’s electricity. For Ireland over the same period the average was 43 per cent (which is not a record).

And as Storm Eleanor buffeted the UK this week, 22 per cent of Britain’s electricity demand was met by wind, WindEurope added. According to consultacy EnAppSys, Q4 2017 saw by some margin the highest levels of wind generation on record in the UK. à‚ 

In Spain (32 per cent), Austria (32 per cent) and the Netherlands (23 per cent) more than a fifth of national electricity demand was met.

It wasn’t all positive for the sector with some damage done to turbines as a result of the stormy conditions. .Reports from Agence France-Presse suggest at least one turbine in Western France was blown over in the gales earlier this week.


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