Europe’s climate and energy commissioner says the commission is concerned about the safety of Spain’s nuclear power sector and has requested documentation to show the status of its older reactors at the present time.

Issues surrounding the safety of older reactors have been raised by Miguel Cañete who claims there is a ‘lack of transparency’ when addressing safety issues at Spanish sites.
Miguel Canete
Cañete’s allegations were sparked after his request for information about a nuclear-waste storage facility in Bilbao was ignored.

The Commission expects to receive this information under Article 41 of the Euratom treaty, which governs investment projects in this field,” he said.

“To date, we haven’t received any communication referring to the possibility of installing a nuclear waste storage facility at the plant.”

Cañete added that Spain had ‘described various measures ensuring transparency’ in its 2014 report on the Nuclear Safety Directive but had failed to adopt those measures.