South Korea has decided to shut down two of its nuclear power plants temporarily as it was found that some components had not been properly vetted.

The BBC reports that the Yeonggwang plant, which contains two reactors, has been shut down until the parts have been replaced.

Yeonggwang nuclear power plant
Knowledge Economy Minister Hong Suk-woo said these were “non-core” parts and were not a safety threat.

They included fuses, cooling fans and power switches that did not have the required nuclear industry certificates.

The shutdown means there could be “unprecedented” power shortages in the next few months, Mr Hong said.

The more than 5,000 parts could be used in other industries but needed international certification for nuclear power plant usage, he said.

South Korea’s 23 nuclear reactors, which supply 35 per cent of the country’s electricity, have experienced a series of malfunctions over the past few months.

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