Slovenia awaits Croatian decision on nuclear repository


Slovenia is awaiting a decision from the Croatian government on whether it will invest in a joint repository to be used for low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste.

The Slovenian government has approved an investment programme for a national repository, but the total investment costs will depend on whether its neighbours participate in the project.
Minister of infrastructure and spatial planning Samo Omerzel announced yesterday that he had signed off the investment programme for the planned repository.

The programme estimates the total investment cost for building, operating and eventually sealing the repository to be some $214m. Slovenia will focus the facility on managing waste produced at theà‚ Krà…¡ko nuclear power plant.

The investment programme estimates that, if Croatia also participates in the repository project, the total cost would be around $242m, or $121m from each country.à‚ 

Theà‚ Krà…¡ko plant, operated by Nuklearna Elektrarna Krà…¡ko (NEK), is jointly owned by Slovenia and Croatia and electricity output is shared equally between them. Each country is responsible for half of the radioactive waste generated by the plant, a single 696 MWe Westinghouse PWR.

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