Slovenske elektrarne, Slovakia’s biggest electricity producer, has confirmed it has started a general overhaul of the third unit of its Jaslovske Bohunice V2 nuclear power plant.

“During the planned general overhaul of the third unit, standard maintenance will be carried out along with partial refueling of the reactor,” said a company spokeswoman.

The Atomove elektrarne Bohunice nuclear power complex is located in western Slovakia, near the town of Trnava, and consists of three facilities, Bohunice A1, V1 (units 1 and 2) and V2 (units 3 and 4).

Slovakia has committed itself to the shutdown of V1 as part of the Treaty on Accession to the European Union. Its decommissioning began in 2006.

Currently, the only active units are units 3 and 4 at V2, with an installed capacity of 505 MW per unit. These two units were phased in to the power grid in 1984 to 1985, respectively.

Bohunice V2 ranks among the country’s most economical electricity generating assets, and underwent a EUR500m modernization programme to increase its capacity that was completed in 2010.

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