Siemens has abandoned a nuclear generation equipment joint venture with Rosatom, to which it had committed 18 months ago.

The German engineering firm had pulled out of a longstanding joint venture with Areva to embark on nuclear collaboration with Rosatom in March 2009.

“The chapter is closed for us,” chief executive Peter Loscher told the Der Spiegel weekly news magazine. He described the move as “an answer” to opposition to nuclear generation in Germany, which aims to close its nuclear power plants by 2022.

Siemens was ordered this spring to pay Areva €648m ($849m) for breaching their joint venture contract. A tribunal of the International Chamber of Commerce also ruled that Siemens could only implement its link with Rosatom from September 2013.

Loscher told Der Spiegel that Siemens wanted to work with Rosatom in other areas. The German engineering firm will continue to supply steam turbines for all types of power plant but had dropped out of building nuclear power stations, he added.

“We are no longer going to participate in taking responsibility for building nuclear power stations or financing them,” he said.

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