Fishing equipment used for scallop trawling has been adapted to clean the storage ponds of a decommissioned nuclear power plant in the UK.Sellafield storage pond

Trawling equipment manufacturer Barrnon has made a working prototype and is now continuing work with a view to it being used to lift sludge from the bottom of storage ponds at Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria, England.

The prototype was demonstrated to bosses from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Sellafield, and following successful trials a contract has been awarded for its further development.

Neil Smart, head of Sellafield Technology Demonstration Alliance, said: “The centuries old principles of the fishing industry are not the first place one would look to solve the challenges facing the UK in decommissioning its early development of nuclear energy, but the value of the technology transfer approach has certainly been proven with this product.”