A British academic has developed a system of sound waves that could discover dangerous cracks in nuclear power plants.

BBC reports that Katherine Tant, of Strathclyde University, UK led the study, which found that transmitting different types of sound waves could help to detect structural defects.
Katherine Tant
By varying the duration and frequency of the waves, the results are used to recreate an image of the interior of the scanned item.

It is now hoped the technology can be developed further and could one day be used by medical professionals and seismologists, who measure earthquakes.

Ms Tant, a research associate with the university’s department of mathematics and statistics, said: “Welds are vitally important in ‘safety critical‘ structures, like nuclear power plants, aeroplane engines and pipelines, where flaws can put lives at risk. However, as with any type of bond, they constitute the weak part of the structure.

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