Russia’s nuclear waste situation is at a critical bursting point and should be cause for the entire planet to shudder.

That’s the view of Dr. Richard Rousseau, Professor at Khazar University in Baku, Azerbaijan quoted in He says radioactive waste deposal sites in Russia are full to the bursting point, and many reactors are outdated and fail to meet even the most basic of safety standards. In short, as one reads between the lines, a new disaster is pending.

Nuclear power plant
Dr Rousseau adds that the territory of the Russian Federation is home to nearly half the total amount of atomic waste in the world. Nearly 99 per cent of nuclear waste is concentrated in companies run by Rosatom (Nuclear Energy State Corporation), a state-owned company; this waste contains all high-level and a large portion of intermediate-level waste.

All current radioactive waste repositories are almost full to capacity and in Russia: the high amount of spent fuel stored on nuclear plants’ platforms reduces nuclear safety. Unfortunately, however, Russia has no laws on how to handle radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.

Dr Rousseau also warns that the decommissioning of nuclear plants after exhausting their resources will put an enormous strain on Russian state budget. Largely for this reason, Rosatom is making every effort to prolong their operational life, knowing quite well that there will be economic shockwaves in the industry should nuclear units be closed; this would be a great lost to employees of the nuclear industry.

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