A senior executive at Russia’s state nuclear energy corporation Rosatom has praised the UK’s Contracts for Tender (CfDs) model of support to encourage the development of a new generation of nuclear reactors.

Nikolay Drozdov, director of Rosatom’s international business department, told the European Nuclear Conference in Marseille, France, that CfDs could lead to a trend of new nuclear development in central Europe if the model comes into being, and is successful in the UK.

NucNet reports Mr Drozdov as saying that one of the advantages of the model is that it protects investors from potential changes in governmental policies and in public perception of nuclear energy.

In December 2013 the European Commission announced it was opening an investigation into possible state aid included in financial proposals for construction of the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in England.

One of the main aspects of the proposals the EC will investigate is a planned guarantee from the UK government to French utility EDF on the price of electricity to be produced by the two planned EPR units.

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