Rolls-Royce is putting more resource into plans to develop small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs).

City AM reports that the company is increasing its focus on that business as a government competition draws closer, with around 30 engineers re-deployed from its Trident submarine unit.Rolls-Royce building

A Rolls-Royce spokesperson confirmed: “As we look to grow our nuclear business we have been able to allocate people to different projects to serve our business needs and offer development opportunities.

The government launched a competition to identify the best value SMR design for the UK in 2015, with the aim of increasing the country’s energy security and building a viable export industry.

However, the technology faces hurdles such as safety and security, financing as well as design approval.

There are 33 companies currently competing and a winner could be announced in the coming months.

The department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has said it will publish a roadmap “for one or more possible pathways for SMRs” in the Autumn.