Report says UK Energy review to back nuclear growth

11 Feb 2002 – A report in a UK Sunday Newspaper said this weekend that the government’s forthcoming energy review will call for tax and planning breaks to encourage the construction of new nuclear power stations.

The report, expected to be delivered this month by the Policy and Innovation’s Unit, is a wide ranging study aimed at planning for Britain’s energy needs for the future. The report, according to The Business newspaper, will also call for nuclear power production to be exempt from a green levy tax and for new nuclear power stations to be except from the Climate Change Levy.

“For the foreseeable future, nuclear power has a part to play in meeting Britain’s energy needs,” said Energy Minister Brian Wilson this weekend in Norway, the paper reported.

Encouragement for further nuclear power production would be welcomed by British Energy PLC, which wants to go ahead with plans to develop a new nuclear plant at its Hunterston C site, the paper said.

Much of the UK’s existing nuclear fleet is approaching retirement over the next decade and the pro-nuclear lobby has been seeking a “nuclear for nuclear” replacement programme as minimum government policy.

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