Nuclear Power Delivery, the joint venture created to build Westinghouse AP1000 reactors in the UK, has signed agreements with BAE Systems, Doosan Power Systems and Rolls-Royce to bolster its supply chain.
Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems and Doosan Power Systems will join Westinghouse, Shaw Group and Laing O’Rourke in their bid for a reactor order for the Wylfa site, Toshiba said in a statement. These new agreements build on MOUs signed with the same three organizations by Westinghouse back in September 2008.
Toshiba and its partners are proposing to build three AP-1000 reactors at the Wylfa site and anther three at the Oldbury power station, Toshiba spokesman Hiroki Yamazaki said, reported Bloomberg.
Nuclear Power Delivery UK managing director, Rita Bowser said “We are delighted to be announcing these new agreements – building on the success of the previous links which were established by Westinghouse.
“The work performed under the earlier MOUs sets the basis for more detailed collaboration as we move forward. The fact we are now doing this as Nuclear Power Delivery UK means we can bring a clearer team focus to where these major organizations can support us, and allows us all to look at how we can best work together to bring the AP1000 nuclear plant for UK customers as reliably and cost-effectively as possible.”
In a statement, the joint venture said the specific contents of each MOU are confidential, but in broad terms the agreements collectively address scope to support the already broad footprint of Nuclear Power Delivery UK in the UK. Areas for further development under the MOUs include manufacturing and components; supply chain and logistics, and engineering support.
“The signing of these agreements are fully consistent with the supply chain development approach of Nuclear Power Delivery UK, which is to “Buy Where We Build”, to the greatest extent possible, consistent with meeting quality and competitiveness requirements, ” added Bowser.
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