US nuclear engineering company Westinghouse Electric Company has announced a strategic co-operation with Czech construction company Hutni Montaze.

The deal comes in preparation for the potential building of Westinghouse AP1000nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic.

Westinghouse is hoping to build an AP1000 project for Czech utility CEZ at the existing Temelin nuclear plant. If this goes ahead, Hutni Montaze would be responsible for performing the vast majority of the mechanical installation and construction testing, including assembly and installation of the containment vessel.

“This strategic co-operation with Hutni Montaze is an excellent example of how Westinghouse is committed to buy where we build,” said Randy Galm, Westinghouse’s nuclear vice-president for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“If we build here, our local Czech partners will have a high-value scope of supply and opportunities for long-term sustainable growth.”

Hutni Montaze chairman Miroslav Precechtel added: “Our role within the Westinghouse team if selected would create substantial new capabilities in areas which would expand our range of products and services and gain access to regional nuclear and non-nuclear opportunities