Westinghouse Electric has signed a two-year extension of a co-operation agreement with China’s State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation on continued deployment of its AP1000 reactor.
According to Bloomberg, the accord will cover service and maintenance, technology development and strategic investment. This will extend an agreement signed in 2008.
Westinghouse joins US companies including GE and AEP in signing accords with Chinese customers this week, coinciding with China’s President Hu Jintao’s first state visit to the US since Barack Obama took office two years ago. Westinghouse is building four AP1000 reactors in China, two each at Sanmen and Haiyang.
China’s State Nuclear Power Technology plans to develop two CAP 1400 reactors that will be based on Westinghouse’s existing AP1000 design.
Westinghouse also reached a $35m deal with China Baotou Nuclear Fuel to design, manufacture and install fuel-fabrication equipment that will enable China to produce atomic fuel for the AP1000 reactors.
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