Westinghouse and China’s SNPTC sign SMR nuclear pact

US company Westinghouse Electric Company and China‘s State Nuclear Power Technology Corp (SNPTC)à‚ are to work together on developing a new small modular reactor design.

The new technology developed by both companies will be based on Westinghouse’s existing SMR design and will be licensable in the US and China.

Westinghouse ” which is owned by Toshiba Corp ” said that global investment and access to global markets “are essential components to making commercial operation of SMR plants a reality”.

It believes the deal signed this week with SNPTC “provides a potential path to establish such a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership“.

Westinghouse senior vice-president Kate Jackson (pictured) said that the two companies “are in the early stages of negotiations of an agreement that we expect will provide design, licensing, construction, and operational certainty that no other SMR supplier can match”.

She added: “Our partnership with SNPTC will position our SMR design for international markets by combining the expertise of two leading technology providers. We will bring to market a highly innovative SMR design that uses proven components and systems, and provides superior safety performance, efficiency, ease of operation, cost predictability, and rapid deployment.”

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