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Britain’s two leading nuclear energy research bodies have today signed an agreement to work more closely together.

The Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) and the fission-focused National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) will work jointly on topics such as materials research, advanced computing technology, modelling and simulation, robotics and remote handling and neutronics.

In a statement the two groups said that they each “have a great deal of technology, skills, experience, capabilities and resources which could be relevant to the other, and working more closely together will help to deliver the maximum benefit from those areas of synergy”.

NNL managing director Professor Paul Howarth said: “We are increasingly identifying areas where it makes sense for NNL to be working with CCFE and capturing these in a formal agreement is going to help us to realise the benefits of joint working more effectively.”

CCFE director Professor Steve Cowley added: “Our increasing emphasis on fusion technology issues means that the overlap with advanced fission technologies is growing more significant all the time.”