Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has delivered three replacement steam generators to EDF for the Cruas nuclear power plant in France.

Unit 1 Reactor. The replacement steam generators have been certified by France’s nuclear authority as compliant with the country’s strict regulatory requirements on April 28, 2017.

MHI replaces steam generators at EDF nuclear plant

The generators for the 900 MW pressurized water reactor are approximately 21 metres tall and weigh 300 tonnes and were manufactured at MHI’s facilities at Kobe in Japan.

They are made of low-alloy steel and each generator contains more than 4000 heat transfer tubes made from state-of-the-art TT690 alloy material.

MHI has been working to expand its nuclear equipment business and has supplied a total of 31 replacement steam generators to France, Belgium and the US. It has received orders from EDF for 15 such generators since 2005.