Kansai Electric Power Company has submitted the results of a stress test conducted on No. 3 reactor at its Oi nuclear power plant in Oicho, Fukui prefecture, to the Japanese government.

Shinichi Kuroki, deputy director general of Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, said: “We’ll examine this without delay. We’ll discuss this issue in a transparent fashion at a hearing with outside experts.”

The test results from Oi confirmed that the reactor and its pipes can endure a quake intensity of 1.8 times the presumed standard safety limit.

It is believed that at 1.96 times the presumed acceleration figure, the reactor will fail to stop automatically, but a Kansai official said: “Even if an automatic stop becomes impossible, we can manually stop the reactor.”

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said that it will spend several months examining the test results, but the decision whether to allow the reactor to be reactivated will be ultimately up to the politicians.

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