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Japan plans world’s largest offshore wind farm

Japan is planning what would be the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

New Scientist reports that the proposal with the government is for 143 wind turbines on platforms 10 miles off the coast of ill-fated Fukushima.

Wind turbine
The wind farm will generate 1 GW of power as part of a national plan to increase renewable energy resources following the post-tsunami shutdown of the Japan’s 54 nuclear reactors.

If it comes to fruition the Fukushima wind farm will overtake the 504 MW, 140-turbine Greater Gabbard wind farm off the coast of Suffolk, England, currently the world’s largest.

The Fukushima prefecture has said it intends to be completely energy self-sufficient by 2040, using only renewable sources, including the country’s biggest solar park, which has also been proposed.

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