Fennovoima chooses Harmala as new chairman

Finnish nuclear energy company Fennovoima has picked its preferred candidate to be the company’s new chairman.

It will propose Esa Hàƒ¤rmàƒ¤làƒ¤ to an Annual General Meeting in March, when the current chairman, Juhani Pitkàƒ¤koski, will step down after three years in the post.

Fennovoima was founded in 2007 to build new nuclear power plant Hanhikivi 1.

Hàƒ¤rmàƒ¤làƒ¤ said: “I want to be involved in advancing this project, which is important for the whole country. Fennovoima’s power plant will improve Finland’s energy self-sufficiency. Moreover, the emission-free electricity it generates will be crucial in the battle against climate change.”

Hàƒ¤rmàƒ¤làƒ¤ has been the Director-General of the Energy Department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and has held leading positions in the Finnish State Forest Enterprise and the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners.

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