All news, project announcements, innovation, and technology relating to nuclear reactors, as well as the processes within the nuclear power reactor, whereby energy released is used as heat to make steam and generate electricity. It refers to new nuclear reactor projects, as well as operations and maintenance projects on existing plants. This category relates to both fission and fusion reactors.

Op-Ed: What opponents of nuclear energy do not tell you

Nuclear energy is the only power generation technology we have available today, that delivers exceptionally well on all of the above objectives.

Costain to partner with U-Battery on modular nuclear reactor design

Smart infrastructure solutions company, Costain, is collaborating with U-Battery Developments to develop an advanced modular reactor (AMR).

Worth their weight in salt – molten reactors hold huge potential

Now, with aging and decommissioning of lightwater reactors, molten salt reactors are poised to make a comeback.
Vogtle power plant in Georgia

Georgia Power receives first nuclear fuel for Vogtle Unit 3

The first nuclear fuel shipment has arrived to supply Unit 3 at the newly expanded Vogtle power plant in Georgia.

It’s time to place a macro bet on nuclear fusion

The problem with fusion is that its feasibility and near-term deployment timeline are still questioned, yet, two experiments have produced tens of MW of fusion power as early as in the mid-1990’s.

Safety approval granted for GE Hitachi small modular nuclear reactor

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved a final safety evaluation report for the BWRX-300 small modular reactor design (SMR).
NuScale Power Plant Design

Fluor and Sargent & Lundy partner to design new SMR reactors

Fluor Corp. and Sargent & Lundy reached an agreement to collaborate for the execution of new NuScale Power projects.
modular reactor

UK small modular reactor initiative hopes to create 6000 jobs

The UK government must make a clear commitment that enables a fleet of 16 small modular reactor power plants to be built by 2040.
nuclear power plant

Belarusian nuclear plant’s first unit supplies power to the grid

The first power unit of the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant has been connected to the grid and supplied electricity to the Belarus power system.

Fuelling nuclear innovation in the UK

Advanced modular reactors can play a key role in Britain’s future energy mix argues Steve Threlfall.

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