PwC outlines fleet benefit to UK nuclear build

A report from Price Waterhouse Coopers has asserted that by building multiple nuclear reactors in the UK with a single technology it could almost double the level of British supplied parts and labour generated to support the nuclear industry.

“The fleet effect: the economic benefits for the UK in adopting a fleet approach to nuclear new build” explores scenarios whereby investors in the UK’s new nuclear programme would build between four and eight reactors relying on the same technologies, built at regular intervals in the period to 2030.
Cooling tower
Nuclear Engineering International reports that the PwC found that commissioning a nuclear fleet of four to eight reactors could increase the opportunity for UK content in the new build programme from 44 per cent in a non”fleet approach, to over 80 per cent because of the volume of work and certainty it would provide investors.

The report estimates the additional economic value in terms of goods and services provided at between à‚£6.5bn-à‚£11.1bn, and 5,100 to 9,400 jobs for fleet sizes of four to eight reactors.

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