Canada’s Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has started construction of the Darlington Energy Complex. The facility is located in the Clarington Energy Park, just west of the Darlington Nuclear station. McKay-Cocker Construction won the contract to build the facility.

The Darlington Energy Complex will include a full-scale mock-up of a Darlington reactor, to enable staff working on the Darlington Refurbishment project to be trained prior to carrying out the work on the 4 Darlington reactors. OPG said that the new complex is scheduled to be completed in summer 2013.

Albert Sweetnam, Executive Vice President of Nuclear Projects for OPG, said: “The Darlington Energy Complex will be instrumental in helping us succeed with the refurbishment of Darlington’s four reactors. The investment we are making to refurbish this plant will bring safe and reliable base load electricity generation for an additional 30 years, until approximately 2055.”

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