Power-Gen: Decommissioning nuclear plant among Power Engineering winners

ORLANDO, Fla., November 14, 2000 – The decommissioning of the nation’s oldest nuclear power plant is among three Projects of the Year 2000 award winners selected by the editors of Power Engineering magazine.

According to Power Engineering Senior Editor Douglas J. Smith, the awards “recognize excellence in design, construction and operation of power generation facilities throughout the world.”

Project owners received their awards during ceremonies at POWER-GEN International, the world’s largest annual power generation industry event, attended by more than 15,000 power industry professionals this year Nov. 14 -16 at the Orlando Convention Center.

The winning projects are: Consumers Energy’s “Decommissioning Power System” at Big Rock Point Nuclear Power plant, Charlevoix, Michigan; Associated Electric Cooperative’s “New Madrid Unit 2 SCR retrofit,” in Missouri; and “Delesto 2 Cogeneration Project,” Delfzijl, Netherlands.

Decommissioning at Big Rock Point
According to Smith, the Big Rock Point decommissioning project is noteworthy because of the successful installation of a “Decommissioning Power System”or “DPS” at this nuclear historical landmark that is undergoing decommissioning due to its small size and advanced age.

The DPS is a diesel-generated electrical system that sustains power to critical equipment throughout the lengthy decommissioning process.

“Because of limited industrial experience in designing and installing a DPS, the Big Rock Point project broke new ground in the industry and has set an effective precedent for future nuclear decommissioning,” Smith said.

Plant retrofit at New Madrid, Missouri
Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AECI) was recognized for their retrofit of a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to comply with standards set by the 1990 Clean Air Act at their power plant south of New Madrid, Missouri. According to AECI, the project constitutes the first application of this technology at a coal-fired power plant burning 100 percent Powder River Basin coal.

Since returning to commercial operation in early 2000, New Madrid’s Unit 2 has achieved nitrous oxide reductions of up to 93 percent. The unit’s heat rate has improved and the plant is in total compliance with clean air standards.

Largest cogeneration plant in the Netherlands
According to Marcel Bartelink, plant manager of the Delesto 2 Cogeneration Plant, “The Delesto 2 facility is achieving new levels of power availability and reduced noise emissions, and is a showcase for advanced cogeneration technology in Europe.”

“It’s one of the quietest plants of its size in the world,” says Ronald Boardman, senior project manager for GE Power Systems, a supplier of gas turbines for the project. The plant is the largest cogeneration facility in the Netherlands and one of the largest in all of Europe.

With the integration of Delesto 1 and 2, the facility is able to produce 530 MW of electric power and 1.56 million lb/hr of process steam. This integration substantially improves the total operational flexibility of the plant, enhances energy efficiency, requires less fuel consumption, and reduces carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions.

“Delesto has proven that cogeneration is the most cost effective way to generate power and heat, substantially meeting actual global environmental and energy policies,” Bartelink said.

All winning projects, including five projects receiving honorable mention, are outlined in detail within the December 2000 issue of PennWell Corp.’s Power Engineering magazine. Power Engineering is a leading power generation industry trade publication with a U.S. circulation of more than 58,000 professionals in plant engineering, design, construction, and operation.

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