News, trends and policy relating to nuclear power as a clean energy source. Subject matter will include nuclear reactor fuel types, fusion and fission, uranium, graphite cores and neutron reactions. News on decommissioning of nuclear power plants and waste removal will be included. This category will cover the funding of research and innovation such as the tokamak and ITER.

Framatome and Technical University of Munich to develop new reactor fuel

Framatome and TUM will design and install the fuel manufacturing production line, and develop, produce and irradiate new fuel prototypes.
What if more convergence could accelerate the energy transition?

What if more convergence could accelerate the energy transition?

What if more convergence could accelerate the energy transition in Europe?
Covid-19 the ‘biggest shock to energy system’ in decades says IEA

COVID-19 the ‘biggest shock to energy system’ in decades says IEA

The Covid-19 pandemic is the “biggest shock to the global energy system in more than seven decades” according to a new report from the International Energy Agency.
Framatome Germany

Framatome to modernize neutron research reactor at Munich university

French nuclear major Framatome has been awarded a multimillion-euro contract to modernize the crane instrumentation and control systems at the research neutron source Heinz Maier-Leibnitz.

UK’s Hartlepool nuclear Unit 2 back online despite COVID-19 staff constraints

Unit 2 is back in operation at Hartlepool Power Station in northeast England, but it’s operating in a unique way as staff deal with the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic

Vogtle nuclear expansion workforce reduced due to COVID-19

Georgia Power, the lead utility on the Vogtle nuclear expansion project, announced that it is reducing the Units 3 and 4 construction workforce by 20 per cent after multiple workers tested positive for the coronavirus.

Ansaldo Nuclear develops robot for complex nuclear waste removal

After two years of design and manufacture, Ansaldo Nuclear has provided a bespoke robot to recover 2000 drums of radioactive waste from hard-to-access storage locations at the decommissioned Caorso nuclear power plant in Italy.

Jacobs extends engagement with UK, French-based nuclear fusion research projects

Energy consulting, engineering and construction services firm Jacobs has won more than $25m in contracts focused on research into nuclear fusion in Europe.
china nuclear solar

China National Nuclear issues 3 GW solar PV tender

China National Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. (CNNE) has issued a tender for the procurement of up to 3GW of solar PV modules for the company, along with China Nuclear Shandong Energy and it’s affiliate companies.
What's new at Enlit Europe

Big names and hot topics at Enlit Europe

Despite the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the imposition of lockdowns in many countries, work is continuing on developing the programme...

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