News, trends and policy relating to nuclear power as a clean energy source. Subject matter will include nuclear reactor fuel types, fusion and fission, uranium, graphite cores and neutron reactions. News on decommissioning of nuclear power plants and waste removal will be included. This category will cover the funding of research and innovation such as the tokamak and ITER.

Barakah nuclear plant

UAEs first nuclear plant begins commercial operations

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corp. announced that the Barakah power plant has reached its full connected stage for 1.4GW Unit 1.

New academic partnership to accelerate UK fusion future

A new partnership has been signed between The University of Manchester and the UK Atomic Energy Authority to accelerate the UK’s progress toward fusion energy.

Japanese EPC invests $40m in nuclear SMR developer NuScale Power

A Japanese energy EPC contractor is the latest industry firm to make a major investment in a nuclear small modular reactor (SMR) firm.

EU leaders say nuclear is ‘indispensable to fighting climate change’

The leaders of seven European Union Member States, led by French president Emmanuel Macron, have written to the European Commission on the role of nuclear power in EU climate and energy policy.
Dounreay site

Cavendish Nuclear wins decommissioning contract for Scotland’s Dounreay site

Cavendish Nuclear has been awarded a contract to ensure sustainable and safe extraction and packaging of nuclear materials at Scotland's Dounreay nuclear processing facility.

GE to build 75-inch blade for UK’s Hinkley Point C nuclear...

Hinkley Point C will boast the world’s most powerful steam turbine with the aid of the largest-ever last-stage blade, according to reports.

Powering a Moon village

With interest growing in a return of humans to the moon, says Jonathan Spencer Jones, attention is turning to the possibility of establishing a long-term presence there and the form that such a settlement might take.

France to build nuclear crisis centres based on Fukushima lessons

Designed to withstand accident levels the crisis centres are built to enable the management of a facility safely in any situation.

PEI Connect: Nuclear past, present and future

We take a moment to remember the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan ten years ago, causing a tsunami and nuclear incident that lives fresh in our minds a decade on.

GE Hitachi and Estonia energy firm expand small modular reactor project

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and Fermi Energia OÜ are teaming up to complete due diligence before installing a BWRX-300 small modular reactor in Estonia.

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