News, trends and policy relating to nuclear power as a clean energy source. Subject matter will include nuclear reactor fuel types, fusion and fission, uranium, graphite cores and neutron reactions. News on decommissioning of nuclear power plants and waste removal will be included. This category will cover the funding of research and innovation such as the tokamak and ITER.

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India to build six nuclear reactors with the help of France’s...

EDF has submitted its offer to provide assistance in the construction of some six nuclear reactors in the Indian province of Maharashtra.

Cavendish nuclear to provide characterisation services at Sellafield

Cavendish Nuclear has been awarded a contract to deliver Radiometric Characterisation Services to Sellafield Ltd.
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How safe is Fukushima’s waste water disposal plan?

Three independent UN human rights experts have expressed concern over Japan’s decision to discharge potentially radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.

UKAEA completes pilot project to accelerate fusion

The UK Atomic Energy Authority has completed a pilot project to tackle some of fusion energy’s most complex challenges.

UK awards £3m nuclear energy robotics contracts

Veolia Nuclear Solutions and Wälischmiller Engineering will supply robotic arms for research into fusion energy and decommissioning.
electricity in europe

2020 trends that shaped the European electricity market

A new report on Europe's electricity markets highlights key factors that shaped electricity generation, consumption, and prices in 2020.
Cold winter highlights importance of fossil fuels to Europe’s power mix

How Europe relied on conventional power during cold winter

Study reveals that although renewables made up more than four tenths of Europe’s fuel mix in the first quarter of 2021, nuclear was the largest single fuel source, with hydropower second.
Meet the women engineers behind the UAE's Barakah nuclear power plant

Meet the women engineers behind Barakah nuclear plant

"Together we are forging a path for future generations of women within the nuclear energy industry," says Laila Al Dhaheri.
Britain’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers has appointed the International Director of the UK Space Agency, Dr Alice Bunn, as its new chief executive.

Space Agency boss Bunn to lead engineering institution

Institution of Mechanical Engineers appoints the International Director of the UK Space Agency, Dr Alice Bunn, as new chief executive.

Exploring Iran’s nuclear ambitions

Iran has made 55 kg of uranium enriched to up to 20% indicating quicker production than the rate required by an Iranian law.

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