News, trends and policy relating to nuclear power as a clean energy source. Subject matter will include nuclear reactor fuel types, fusion and fission, uranium, graphite cores and neutron reactions. News on decommissioning of nuclear power plants and waste removal will be included. This category will cover the funding of research and innovation such as the tokamak and ITER.

Ed’s note: Fusion, finance and economic recovery

Climate action has steadily climbed the political agenda in the past decade and this year’s coronavirus pandemic has put it even more firmly in the spotlight.
DOE nuclear

US DoE announces $65m in new nuclear technology funding

The US Department of Energy has announced more than $65 million in nuclear energy research, crosscutting technology development, facility access, and infrastructure awards for 93 advanced nuclear technology projects in 28 states.

Atkins appointed to work on the UK’s National Thermal Hydraulic Facility

Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, has been awarded a contract for the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) of coolant loops for a nuclear test and research facility in North Wales.

Cheaper nuclear at the heart of UK’s deep decarbonisation says report

Innovation agency Energy Systems Catapult has released a new report stating that committing to a further 10GW of new nuclear beyond Hinkley Point C is a low regrets option for the UK as it targets a Net Zero economy.
nuclear fusion

Nuclear fusion update: Start-ups enter race for the sun

Nuclear fusion has captured the imagination of scientists, science fiction writers and the broader public, writes members of the Renaissance Fusion

South Africa takes first steps on 2500 MW nuclear programme

South Africa has taken the first steps in a planned 2500 MW nuclear newbuild programme.
Hinkley C

Bilfinger announces £350m double-win for Hinkley C nuclear plant

Industrial services company Bilfinger has won two new contracts worth £350 million for the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station.

UKAEA signs framework agreement to aid fusion development

The framework will allow companies to work closely with the UK Atomic Energy Authority, which researches the development of nuclear fusion energy and its related technologies.

Second reactor base completed at UK’s Hinkley C nuclear project

Crews at Britain’s only current nuclear power plant construction project reached another milestone with completion of the second reactor base.
Nuclear fusion

Ansaldo Nucleare-led consortium wins €10m contract for fusion project

The European Commission, through the General Directorate for Research and Innovation, has awarded a 4-year €10m ($11.2m) Framework Contract to the consortium led by Ansaldo Nucleare.

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