A 9550 kVA stand-by power system has been installed at the largest commercial data centre in Ukraine.

Supplied by Madek, two P1375E3 and four P1700P1 generator sets have been delivered to the Parkovaya Data Centre, which is located in the centre of Ukraine.

Based on FG Wilson generating sets, four synchronized P1700P1 units will provide the emergency power for the data centre while the two P1375E3 units will supply power for common data centre infrastructure.

All six gensets were fitted in the data centre’s engine room and are synchronized with each other, providing emergency power in the case of a failure in the grid supply.

Commenting on the project, Dmitry Gladkyi, Commercial Director of Madek, said: ‘Madek engineers developed all technical solutions for the Parkovaya Data Centre, including the design and installation of the automatic refuelling system and of the fuel storage tanks – with total capacity of 40,000 litres providing 24-hours, non-stop operation of generator sets.’