Solving the corrosion puzzle: How a new generation zinc epoxy primers are helping the power generation industry reduce costs

Corrosion is a major cause of operating costs and downtime for the power generation industry. For many years, inorganic zinc-rich coatings (IOZs) have been used by the industry to protect assets in challenging environments. But, IOZs have significant limitations, and many power generation facility owners, constructors and fabricators have turned to zinc epoxies instead. These, however, traditionally offer less protection than IOZs.

Now, a new generation of zinc epoxies is redefining the category. Based on Avantguardà‚® technology, Hempadur Avantguard coatings demonstrate increased protection and mechanical strength than standard zinc epoxies, without changing zinc content. They can be applied with standard techniques in a wide range of conditions and have a high tolerance to excessive dry film thicknesses.

Hempadur Avantguard coatings provide significantly longer maintenance intervals and a longer lifetime than standard zinc epoxies. For the power generation industry, this means reduced maintenance costs and less downtime associated with preventative maintenance.

White paper sponsored by Hempel.

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