Focus on the operation and maintenance technologies and techniques used in nuclear power plants, including those for radioactive waste disposal and reactor decommissioning. Topics include nuclear coolants, pressure vessels and steam generators and cover all reactors, such as boiling water reactor, pressurized water reactor, and advanced gas-cooled reactors. Also examined are equipment for small modular reactors, fusion reactors and floating reactors.

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How GE completed Romania nuclear plant outage despite COVID-19

GE Steam Power has completed a major steam turbine and generator outage at the Cernavoda nuclear power plant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UK nuclear entity hires Jacobs to research radioactivity in graphite cores

Jacobs will lead a study of radioactive impacts in graphite reactor cores at nuclear power stations in the United Kingdom.

MHI tests explosion-proof robot for plant inspections

Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has successfully tested a prototype robot that it intends to use for plant inspections.

Why the energy sector must plan today for tomorrow’s digital age

Don’t work harder; work smarter. This old adage is taking on new significance as digitalisation transforms our economies. Today, we stand at the precipice of a global productivity revolution and the watchword of this will be: “work smarter.”

Pöyry, Infosys and Nokia in artificial intelligence collaboration

Nokia, Pöyry and digital services firm Infosys are collaborating on an artificial intelligence framework for utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure.

Emerson unveils new power plant inspection solution

Energy technology company Emerson has today released a new application designed to make it easier for power plant operations teams to capture, report, and respond to abnormal conditions that pose risks to reliability, safety, and performance.

Feature: Driving efficiency in power generation

Ambitious new climate change targets mean that power generation of all types is under greater scrutiny than ever before.

Three staff injured at UK nuclear power plant

Three workers were injured at a nuclear power plant in the UK last night following what has been described as an "accidental steam release".

Unorthodox problem, traditional solution

How tried-and-tested repair materials were used to fix a problem with the cooling water system of a nuclear power plant

New UK project aims to find ways to cut nuclear costs

The UK's Energy Technologies Institute has launched a new project which aims to find ways to reduce the cost of nuclear power.

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