Nuclear lawyer backs IEA warning on nuclear phase out

As the International Energy Agency today warned of the “alarming implications” of a significant shift away from nuclear power, a nuclear legal expert has said that “governments must commit to nuclear now”.

At a press briefing this morning to mark the launch of its World Energy Outlook annual publication, the IAE said that phasing out nuclear would leave countries with “less eggs” in their energy mix basket.

This has been echoed by George Borovas, head of international nuclear projects at global law firm Pillsbury, headquartered in New York.

“The case for nuclear has been unchanged by Fukushima,” he said. “With the exception of a few countries, the response of most governments to Fukushima has been to take the lessons on board but proceed with their nuclear energy programmes.”

He said this was because the “fundamental drivers” for global investment into nuclear, namely climate change and energy security, have not changed since Fukushima.

“Energy security is now an issue of national security ” governments must commit to nuclear now,” he added. “It is crucial for world leaders to appreciate the long-term benefits of setting a clear, consistent and sustainable energy strategy, which will be felt for generations. Developers want to invest in new nuclear, but are looking for government support to overcome the short-term construction risks.”

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