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Nuclear Industry Association backs MPs’ report on energy risks

The UK’s Nuclear Industry Association has backed the conclusions of today’s House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s report on communicating the risks of a nuclear accident.

The report said independent regulators should play a greater role in advising the public on energy-related risks, because it believed the public viewed any statements from the government with scepticism.

The NIA supported the recommendation for the independent nuclear watchdog, the Office of Nuclear Regulation, to play a greater role in communicating risk to the public.

NIA chief executive Keith Parker welcomed the report, describing the role of independent regulators as “absolutely fundamental” to the safety of the existing and future civil nuclear programme in the UK.

He said: “The role of independent regulators is of paramount importance in communicating risk and acting as a trusted source of information to the general public ” as Chief Nuclear Inspector Mike Weightman has demonstrated so successfully in his report last year on Fukushima.”

Parker added that although evidence shows that nuclear generation is the safest form of energy generation, perception of risk is not always in step with objective risks. This makes it vitally important that the public and media can access reliable, credible and independent information, upon which public policy decisions are based.”

“The UK has a huge asset in its world renowned independent regulator and it is essential that their voice is heard in these important discussions.”

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