Around 40 per cent of people polled in a survey were concerned that the UK is becoming too dependent on energy from other countries.

A further 29 per cent thought that Britain was not investing fast enough in renewable forms of energy.

And respondents were divided over their views on nuclear power: three in ten (29 per cent) felt that the benefits outweighed the risks, while a similar proportion felt that the risks outweighed the benefits (30 per cent). A further third (32 per cent) felt that the benefits and risks were about the same, with one in ten (9 per cent) saying they did not know.

The survey was carried out by the UK government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change to understand and monitor public attitudes to its main business priorities.

Overall, eight in ten (82 per cent) agreed that the UK needs a mix of energy sources to ensure a reliable supply of electricity, and 79 per cent also said they supported renewable energy for providing electricity, fuel and heat.

A little over half (55 per cent) agreed that they would be happy to have a large scale renewable energy development in their area.

Solar was the most popular form of renewable energy, with 83 per cent supporting it, followed by 76 per cent for offshore wind and 75 per cent for wave and tidal energy. The lowest support was for onshore wind at 66 per cent.