On the day that the Hinkley Point new nuclear project got the go-ahead from the UK government, the director general of the World Nuclear Association said that “we want nuclear to work in harmony with the other low carbon options”.‘No country has decarbonized without nuclear’ says WNA chief

Agneta Rising was addressing the WNA’s annual symposium in London just an hour after the news about Hinkley Point had been confimed by the government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Rising said: “Nuclear is the world’s second-largest low carbon energy source – no country in the world has decarbonized without using nuclear.”

She added that the Hinkley Point annoucement was “good news for nuclear energy in the UK and Europe. The Hinkley Point C project demonstrates the value of international cooperation in new nuclear build, as well as the benefits of jobs and investment that such projects bring to local communicties.”

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