Nexans continue to innovate and explore new markets

While the impact of Fukushima has affected the company’s nuclear sector business, French power industry cable manufacturer, Nexans expects the industry to rejuvenate, and believe their product lines are ideally placed, when it does so.

Nexans Research Centre Scientist

That was the view of Nexans Plant Manager Bernard Delvaux when Power Engineering International recently visited the company’s Research Centre in Lyons, southern France.

“Since Fukushima we have experienced less orders, but after a period of time and an evolution of political decision-making, we can expect demand to renew again.

Nexans research plant sees the company experiment in producing compounds for cable, ideally suited to nuclear power plants. The cables are tested to discover qualities of durability, flammability and flexibility.

As a result of these tests the cables are designed to provide long term expiry capability, something that is of benefit to nuclear power plant owners, who are seeking to meet all new regulations being imposed in the ever-more stringent arena of nuclear safety.

Cables are tested for fire, voltage, specific environmental abilities. The materials that come through rigorous attention at any of the four research centres, 24 development networks and three application centres under the company’s auspices must carefully match the legislative requirements of individual countries and industries.

Currently scientists within Nexans have produced cable, which has a lifespan of 40 years.

While traditionally the vast amount of business done by Nexans was dominated by European industries for the power sector (60 per cent in 2011), the company is turning it’s attention more and more to the Americas, with 21 per cent of business currently focused there.

With Europe still recession-stricken it is no surprise that Nexans strategy has had a geographical change of impetus

“In South America we didn’t have any presence ten years ago. Now we have plants in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, covering the entire continent. We are also currently building a high voltage plant in the US, in South Carolina,” says Bernard Delvaux.

Journalists Victoria Ellis and Diarmaid Williams at Nexans Research Centre

Nexans provide cabling uniquely targeted at several power sector areas, including oil and gas, wind, photovoltaic, nuclear, thermal, biomass, hydropower, geothermal and tidal power systems.

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