The new chief of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Maria van der Hoeven, said on 7 September that “there will be room for nuclear energy in the future” despite some countries opting out following Fukushima.

Any country planning to ditch nuclear needed a coherent Plan B to cover its energy needs, she said.

“If you would like to abandon nuclear, then my question is: ‘How are you going to meet the growing demand of energy when you are abandoning one of your sources?”, she told French news agency AFP.

“If the answer is with renewables, then my question will be ‘how’?. How cost effective are renewables? How much are they deployed at this moment? How are you going to speed up the curve of renewables so that they’re going to be a greater part of the energy supply?”

Former Danish economic affairs minister Van der Hoeven succeeded Nobuo Tanaka at the IEA this month.

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