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More reports on Rosatom interest in Horizon

Speculation continues to mount that Russian state owned nuclear operator Rosatom is reported to be interested in a bid to build a new reactor as part of the Horizon nuclear power project at Anglesey, UK.

BBC News reports that Horizon had been backing the project to build a new nuclear plant on Anglesey to replace the ageing Wylfa reactors.


Russian news agency Tass quotes the deputy head of Rosatom, Sergei Novikov, as declaring that “the British market is very attractive” to the company.

Rosatom carries an AFP agency news report on its own website, which again claims the company is looking to buy a substantial slice of the Horizon group.

However, a spokesperson for RWE npower said the reports were “market speculation”, and any moves to sell Horizon to any party were still at a very early stage.

The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change said it would “take a close interest in any new entrant to the UK nuclear market”.

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