More delays on the horizon for Hinkley Point

The Hinkley Point nuclear power plant development in England could face a further 12 month delay when the European Union examines the implications of the project.

The Independent reports that government insiders are predicting a delay of up to a year for the $22bn project even as an announcement of a deal draws closer with EDF.

Hinkley Point
The Chancellor, George Osborne announced a civil nuclear co-operation agreement with the Chinese this week that will enable the Chinese General Nuclear Power Group to take a large minority stake in EDF’s Hinkley project and later look at building further stations as part of the Coalition’s ambitious nuclear new build programme.

EDF are hopeful that the final strike price can be agreed soon but the EU will then scrutinise the terms of the agreement under state aid rules.

A source close to the negotiations told The Independent this is “not a slam dunk” and could take nine to 12 months to complete.

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