The UK’s Office for Nuclear Regulation has given the go ahead for Wylfa Power Station in Wales to continue operating until September 2014, almost four years beyond its original closure date. 

Following several independent reviews, the site has been permitted to continue using one reactor, transferring partially used fuel from Reactor 2 to Reactor 1.

Wylfa was originally due to close in December 2010. Reactor 2 was shut down in April because of limited fuel stocks, following the final shipment of Magnox fuel – which is no longer manufactured – to the site in 2011. 

Wylfa is the only Magnox site still generating electricity, following the closure of Oldbury Power Station on 29 February 2012. It is also the largest and last reactor of its type to be built in the UK.

Inter-Reactor Fuel Transfer (IRX) had already been used at Oldbury and has now been successfully trialled at Wylfa.