Kavan warns Austria against renewed international isolation

Oct. 16, 2000 (Austria Press Agentur)à‚–The demononstrators said their protests against Temelin would “in principle” continue until the power station had been switched off, “if necessary with further blockades.”

There was considerable political tension between Vienna and Prague last week.

The Czech side demanded that the Austrian authorities put an end to the blockades which were violating bilateral accords and the EU principle of freedom of movement across borders.

Austrian officials led by Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel responded that they had no intention of curtailing the demonstrators’ right of freedom of assembly.

Austria itself has never used nuclear power. It contends that Temelin, of Soviet design and updated with western technology, is unsafe.

The Austrians say they will block the conclusion of the current “energy chapter” of Prague’s EU membership negotiations until Temelin is proven safe and environmentally compatible.

But on Monday, Czech foreign minister Jan Kavan said in the German paper Handelsblatt most EU states agreed with Prague that the plant was already up to EU safety norms.

Kavan warned Austria against renewed international isolation just a month after the lifting of the 14 EU states’ political freeze over the presence of the right-wing Freedom Party in the Vienna government.

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