A joint venture between Areva and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries called ATMEA is to introduce the ATMEA1 nuclear reactor design for construction in Brazil.

The 50/50 partnership plans to support Brazil’s nuclear new-builds program and involve the local industry as part of its localization strategy.
ATMEA1 reactor
The ATMEA1 reactor is a Generation III+ medium-sized pressurized water reactor that could provide high-level safety as well economical and operational performance.

ATMEA noted that the latest reactor is perfectly adaptable to Brazil’s grid requirements and can provide the local utilities with advanced operational flexibility.

Energy demand in Brazil is expected to increase by about 50 per cent in the next ten years. The nation has currently two nuclear reactors that generate 3.2 per cent of its electricity. By 2030, Brazil plans to expand its nuclear new-builds program through building new reactors.

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